About Us

The Data Integrity and Combinatorics research unit works on:

(i) Mathematical aspects of Coding Theory

(ii) Mathematical theory and applications of Combinatorics

(iii) Related areas of Radio System Planning

Francis Hunt, Stephanie Perkins and Derek Smith work in all three of these areas. Sian Jones works in area (ii), her main interests in Combinatorics being in Latin Squares and Sudoku.

A list of publication since 2001 can be found under “Publications”. A more detailed description of some of the projects leading to these publications can be found under “Projects”. Also included under “Projects” is supplementary material referred to in some of the publications.


Dr. Stephanie Perkins – Head of Mathematics

Dr. Francis Hunt – Senior Lecturer

Dr. Sian Jones – Lecturer

Dr. Nick Gill – Lecturer

Derek H. Smith – Professor of Mathematics, (Emeritus Professor from 1/9/14)

Others who work with the research unit include:

Dr. Roberto Montemanni

Current Research Students supervised by members of the unit are:

Liam Harris

Anna Skelt